USB Plug and Play Speaker and Microphone

USB Plug and Play Speaker and Microphone

6M radios
90 dB speaker
High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone
USB interface
Adaptive echo cancellation
Adaptive human voice tracking

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TENVEO TEVO-A6 USB Plug And Play Speaker And Microphone  with 6M  vioce pickup

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Audio-related devices are just as important as display devices. Only audio devices with good sound quality can be used in a video conference to allow all participants to hear clear speech. In order to maintain good conference order, the popular remote video conferencing system company will use advanced audio control equipment, which allows the organizer to switch and mute the microphone, so that the designated personnel can speak.

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1. The Tenveo remote video conference function can eliminate time and space differences, realize remote communication anytime, anywhere, and bid farewell to the tedious traditional conference mode.


2. Tenveo videoconferencing applications can replace the flow of people through the Internet, enabling the steady transmission of video and sound images, and achieving the purpose of efficient interaction of remote information, making it possible to travel without a trip.


3. Use Tenveo video conferencing to optimize the enterprise information communication mode, which can speed up the information transmission speed, shorten the decision-making cycle and execution cycle, reduce the time cost, and save the costs of internal training, recruitment, and conferences.


USB Plug And Play Speaker And Microphone Tenveo TEVO-A6  The best radio is 6 m. It has USB interface that can be connect to PC. It supports QQ, SKYPE and other voice software.



USB2.0   Full speed interface,3.5mm audio input&output interface, DC power   interface

Max.   POWER

About 5W          

Power   supply

USB   power supply(12V/500mA)

Radio   interference standard

VCCI   level B

Operating   environment

Temperature:   0 ~ 40 degrees C working humidity: 20 ~ 85% (no frost)


350(L)x 350(W)x 55(H)mm , 405(L)x350(W)x 130(H)mm (before and after packaging)

740g/1840g (before and after     packaging)

Computer   environment

Windows   10 (64bit/32bit), Windows (8.1 * 64bit/32bit), Windows 8 (64bit/32bit),   Windows 7 (64bit/32bit), Windows Vista SP1 (32bit), Windows XP SP2 (32bit),   Windows 2000 SP4, Mac OS X 10.5 (only equipped with Intel processor machine)


USB   cable (3m), Manual, Quality Certificate 


Audio parameters


High sensitivity   omnidirectional microphone


1 (mono   cycle)



Frequency   bandwidth


Signal   processing

Adaptive   echo canceller, noise reduction,

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