1 What kind of camera should I use?

Most laptops and monitors come with built-in cameras—these work great for Tenveo software. For meeting room spaces, we have video conferencing cameras and Omni-directional microphones that are specifically designed for small huddle rooms, conference and boardrooms, and large auditorium spaces. You can check our service guide for more information on different meeting room systems.

2 Is it easy to operation?

Yes, it is easy to install, plug and play.

3. Can I bring more than one person into a call at the same time?

Yes. We currently offer group calling for up to 500 different participants, which could be 500 people dialing in from their laptops ,pad or mobile phones, 500 different video conferencing systems full of people or some mix of individuals and video conferencing systems. And depending on your preferences, there are some different layout options for how you want to view those larger group calls.

4. What is the resolution of your cameras?

We have 1920x1080p@60fps progressively output, and 1080p@30fps also 720p@30fps.

5. What is the Video Connector?

There are USB 2.0, USB3.0,HDMI,HD-SDI,DVI,YPBPR and CVBS Video output.

6. How many time zoom?

Support fixed focus, 3X 10X, 20X, 30X optical zoom. 

7. How to control this Camera?

There are RS232, RS485 PTZ Control, and also support VISCA, PELCO-P, PELCO-D to control through your Codec or PC through RS232, and support IR remote control.  

8. Which kind of software compatible with this Camera?

It’s compatible with PolyCom, Blue Jeans, Cisco, Vsee, GoToMeeting, Radvision, SeeVogh, WebEx, easy meeting, Vidtel and working with Microsoft Lync Software, and ZOOM.US, SKYPE, VIDYO Etc.

9 What are the MOQ?

Our MOQ is 1 unit.  We can do OEM/ODM if you need. We offer 2 years warranty time.

10 What is your warranty time?

We offer 2 years warranty time.

 If there is any problem during the warranty time, we will change or repair them for you for free.

With video, the only real thing to consider is the time zone of the person you’re calling. The call is connected via the Internet. We also offer voice-only calling so you can still connect even when you aren’t able to be on video. You can call 0086-137-2344-2940 for any problems of international audio and video conferencing.