Advocate "Green Conference" mode Tenveo launches Tevo-9620 / 9620B

- Mar 28, 2017-

Whether it is in the airports around the world, or in the network broadcast, government, banking, taxation, industry and commerce, securities, remote meetings, telemedicine and education and other applications, everywhere visible camera family figure. In the domestic many senior IT people view, Tenveo as a prestigious technology company, its network camera in the country occupy the first place.

In the overall trend of the market from the traditional hard video conferencing to cloud-based soft video transition, Tenveo closely linked to market trends and pulse of the times, in the broadband popularity, web conferencing and live popular trend of the three trends together, by virtue of their own research and development Strength and technology accumulation, from the traditional advantages of the category to the rapid growth category of continuous upgrading and evolution, leading the development of the industry.

For the individual, the enterprise offers a wide range of products and solutions, Tenveo video category neat product line, witnessed the evolution from the era of text communication to video communication evolution, for consumers to constantly refresh the digital communication experience.

Business more efficient, more cooperative life, the environment more low-carbon

Tenveo advocates "green meeting"

Every year hundreds of millions of passengers take the plane or take other means of transport between the various meetings, only San Francisco and New York, one-way flight between the carbon emissions of nearly 1.2 tons. Tenveo video collaboration business advocates "green meeting", with its own R & D strength and technical accumulation, in the application of quality, greatly enhance the existing product experience, while at a subtle price for enterprises and individual users to provide video communication solutions. High quality, friendly price, supplemented by bandwidth and other infrastructure in China's comprehensive upgrade, making Tenveo respected "green meeting" model can be replicated, to facilitate large-scale promotion, greater savings in energy, reduce carbon emissions, protect us Of the living environment.

"Green meeting" to make work more efficient, reduce travel, so you have more time to accompany family, easy to enjoy the balance of work and life; let our lives more interconnected, living environment is more green, but also greatly reduced the business Of operating costs. This is also Logitech has been efforts to put all efforts to practice corporate social responsibility.

Tenveo Launches Tevo-9620 and Tevo-9620B to continue to refresh digital communication experiences for corporate and individual users.

Tevo-9620 provides a solid hardware foundation for video collaboration solutions in three areas: safe, high-speed and high-definition. 1080p30fps is vivid and clear, and can be set up at 720p30fps. High-speed shooting, no video Fluency. And adapt to Skype for Business, ZOOM, nail and almost all video applications, plug and play. The Tevo-9620 is also equipped with a manual to close / open the safety lens cover to provide privacy protection for the user. For businesses, the Tevo-9620 is a large conference for 20 people. Choosing Tevo-9620 for video conferencing requires virtually no professional technicians to maintain a one-time deployment and a significant reduction in enterprise communication costs.

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