To Be Committed To Creating The Best And Most Efficient HD Business Video Conferencing System -- Tenveo Technology

- Jul 25, 2017-

To be committed to creating the best and most efficient HD business Video conferencing system -- Tenveo Technology


Businesses of all sizes use video to improve team collaboration, cut travel costs, improve customer service, increase meeting productivity and enable employees to work more effectively in the office, at home or on the move. As video technology continues to evolve, the range of options and delivery models continues to expand.


Tenveo  maintains strategic partnerships providing you with a wide range of options to suit your business objectives. With our strong portfolio of integration and managed services, Tenveo can help you evaluate and build an open, integrated collaboration architecture that works with new and existing technologies to achieve your long-term business collaboration strategy.


Endpoints: The endpoint is the combination of equipment you use to collaborate – HD video conference cameras, omni-directional microphones, the video capture and other devices. From multi-purpose room systems to desktop, persona client devices, Tenveo enables it all.


Multimedia Design/Build: Tenveo offers exceptional multimedia design and implementation services for immersive conferencing and custom audiovisual environments. As an Tenveo client, you gain access to a team of dedicated professionals with deep technical knowledge to serve as your design architect, IT consultant and systems integrator, all focused on taking your project from concept to completion. Learn more.


Tenveo Video Conferencing as a Service: Get the same high-quality user experience across a wide variety of video devices and environments. This service provides organizations of all sizes with the advantages of today’s premier video conferencing solutions, and with initial capital outlay for equipment, licensing or IT support.


Software-based Video: Already invested in video?  Extend your room-based, desktop and video conferencing solutions using a Tenveo hd camera software-based, virtualized environment. With a software-based video solution, your users can access audio, video and web at any time through software clients on their PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones. This solution includes everything you need to deploy video collaboration to everyone in your organization. 

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