How Leading Companies Use Video Conferencing To Boldly Go Where They Haven’t Gone Before

- Aug 12, 2017-


With businesses becoming global, newer connectivity tools are increasingly being used to keep teams connected with one another. Video Conferencing has slowly and steadily earned its place amongst new online collaborative technology.


According to Tenveo, Video conferencing has been recognized among the top 5 collaborative trends for the year 2016. An Information Week analyst predicated in 2017 that 75% of enterprises will switch to video conferencing by 2017.


This shows that video conferencing is a trend here to stay.


Enterprises which aren’t utilizing video conferencing or using it to a limited extent are actually missing out on opportunities to connect with customers, vendors and partners on their preferred channel of communication and losing them to their rivals.

Given below are top six advantages of replacing one’s old business communication method with video conferencing:


#1 Reduction in Travel Distances

This is the prime factor that tips the scale in favor of video conferencing. It reduces the logistics, time, and human energy involved in frequent traveling to remote business locations. Partners, team members, customers can be briefed, negotiated with, taken into confidence easily through this tool. Video conferencing is also a way to lower the company’s carbon footprint.


#2 Cost Efficiency

Global recession and budget cuts have increased the need for austerity measures and effective resource allocation. Hence, businesses are able to cut costs like airfare, hotels and per diem expenses and have greater Return on Investment (ROI) through using videoconferencing. Moreover, according to a survey by On24, a webcasting and virtual event provider, virtual training sessions are favored by 88% of executives as they are cost efficient.


#3 Convenience

Organizing meetings and setting up of logistics in a physical conference room can be a huge hassle in terms of human energy and resources. In contrast, video conferencing tools allow organizers to set up a virtual conference room with lesser logistical resources and in lesser amount of time. Video conferencing also allows people located in different time zones to connect and collaborate easily. Likewise, telecommuting is convenient for employees and employer both.


#4 Improved Productivity

Video conferencing allows people to connect and collaborate irrespective of their geographic placement and time zone; hence, it improves productivity. According to Tenveo white paper, the ROI concept goes beyond tangible benefits like saving of money and takes into account the soft benefits like increased productivity, shortening of business processing and cycles and swift decision-making. According to the Polycom survey, 94% of the respondents laud video conferencing for its efficiency and productivity enhancement potential. It allows distributed teams the ability to work together synergistically for a common business goal. Likewise, video conferencing allows businesses to stay connected and continue during unforeseen circumstances like law and order situation, bad weather, flight delays, etc.


#5 Easier Cross Connectivity

Last but not the least, with the advent of mobile technology, video conferencing has the unique capability to cross connect and seamlessly integrate different devices, such as desktops, tablets, or Android devices. It also seamlessly integrates different platforms such as Windows7 windows 8,windows10. This leads to a unified communication platform. The ability to connect from anywhere and through anything means that no one will face exclusion or isolation because of the incompatibility of devices, environment, or platform.


#6 Giving Technology a Human Face

In today’s world, success depends upon the ability of the business to build and nurture relationships with their employees, partners, vendors, and customers. Video Conferencing technology gives users the unique advantage to not only see one another but interpret facial expressions, body language and gestures through high-definition, life-sized images.


Read on and learn about further reasons to use video conferencing for your business.

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