How Video Conference Services Flow Into Business Communication

- Apr 17, 2017-

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an important aspect of an organization’s success. Employee engagement is predominantly about making employees feel motivated, passionate and privileged. This is not the function of Human Resources department alone. All the business units should be committed to their respective KRAs (Key Result Areas). Business communication should accelerate the workplace targets and ambitions. In the United States, disengaged employees attribute to nearly $450 billion loss every year. The magnitude of the loss at a global scale is daunting. Corporations should strive to minimize the losses by delivering business relevance results. Live video streaming services help corporations achieve their mission, vision and targets.


Live Streaming Services

If you are not well versed with the definition of live streaming, do not worry. You are not alone. There are innumerable organizations that are yet to get a taste of live video streaming services. Let me define live streaming for you. Simply put, live streaming is all about broadcasting audio and video over the internet. This lets users view the content. This is in congruence with the live TV broadcast.

As the KRAs (Key Result Areas) are classified, it is important to provide access privileges only to the employees concerned. There are various mechanisms by virtue of which you can restrict access to your videos. For instance, you may choose to use passwords. Sometimes, you may impose geographic restrictions. In addition, you are at full liberty to restrict video embedding to one or a couple of websites.

Essential Accessories


Setting up a live streaming video provision is easy. You do not require any sophisticated equipment. You should have a camera, internet connection with great bandwidth, microphone, encoder software and a live streaming software like Streamhash that can help you deliver your videos to the viewers.

Business Education and Training

Business Education and Training.jpg 

Most of the organizations incorporate ‘Learning and Development’ as an intrinsic part of their valuesframework. Organizations such as IBM and Microsoft invest a lot in employee training and development programs. By investing in a fully functional live video streaming software, Microsoft was able to save a phenomenal $13.9 million. This trend of leveraging live video streaming services to incorporate training and education is highly effective. Apart from facilitating internal corporate learning, many companies are witnessing a huge cost cutting.

Long gone are the days when employees used to rely extensively on text documents. More often than not, manuals are exhaustive text documents. It is nearly impossible for every employee to read and retain the text content. Similarly, it is difficult for employees to execute all the learnings. Live video streaming services can help employees imbibe necessary skills and retain them for effective execution and implementation.



Employees and staff look for a dialogue. Autocratic organizations often engage in a monologue. A holistic interaction is always about dialogues. A holistic interaction is a type of conversation in which employees share their concerns, ideas and thoughts. Well, information can also be delivered by e-mail. However, not every employee has enough time to articulate his / her ideas and thoughts. Not every employee will be willing to reply to emails immediately. On the other hand, a live video conference can settle all the employee concerns without any procrastination. Needless to say, employees can do away with the hassles of writing verbose emails. They can save time and express their ideas on the fly.

Dissemination of important information

Consider a scenario in which your organization has acquired a stake in your competitor organization. Consider another scenario in which your organization has acquired a startup. It is important to disseminate all the necessary information to your stakeholders. All the important information related to the company’s future should be made available to employees, promoters, shareholders and stakeholders. By making announcements in a live video conference, you can be open and transparent about all the developments. If your company is listed on a stock exchange and if you hide the information, shareholders will lose their confidence. Stock prices will plummet. Investors’ confidence is gone for a big time toss. You can prevent such things from happening by using a live video streaming service.

If there is any new product launch, all the strategic business units should be informed about the same. Live video streaming software integrates all the information silos and helps business units realize the BIG picture.


Corporate Meetings

Tenveo video software.jpg

Conglomerates have zonal offices in different regions. Communication through e-mail is ineffective. To interact with all the zonal and regional heads, a live video streaming software should be used. Thanks to this software, you can sit in your office cubicle/ room and interact with your sub-ordinates sans any trouble. Knowledge Transfer More often than not, we see professionals travelling from one country to another to share their knowledge or to upgrade their skills. Travelling expenses are incurred by the company. To facilitate knowledge transfer, live video streaming software should be used. Employees having expertise in a particular domain / subject can demonstrate the implementation and execution of the ideas. Live demonstrations are impactful. Knowledge can thus be imparted through videos. Travelling expenses can be avoided. The Human Touch Imagine a situation in which you are given a 150 pages word document or a PDF that encompasses all the instructions to be followed before executing a particular task. If there is an option of watching videos / live demonstration, you obviously prefer to leverage it. This can be attributed to the ‘human touch’. It is this human touch which makes the process of tasks execution all the more interesting and effective. It creates a positive outlook and is far more impactful than traditional print media. You can also use live video streaming software for presentations, new proposals, integrate teams etc. Advantages are plenty. If you are looking to purchase a live video software software, you should definitely consider Tenveo. Tenveo is cost-effective and rich in features. To know more about the features of this  video conference software, visit it’s website: 

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