How Video Conferencing Evolved

- Apr 26, 2017-

    With new, easy-to-use, cloud-based video conferencing tools, the dedicated technology needed to keep those legacy systems up have been made obsolete. This new set of solutions offer some great benefits, such as:

Modern hardware that is easy to setup and maintain; no longer needing specialized IT knowledge to 


Cloud-based video conferencing uses the same high-speed Internet connections already in use in most

workplaces to provide high-quality video and audio.

New systems leverage technology such as Wifi, tablets and smartphones to further untether video 

conferencing from fixed locations.

Improved user interfaces that make jumping between screen shares and participants faces more 


Note that Highfive video conferencing leverages these advances in technology.


Examining the value of video conferencing

Rattling off a few hurried responses to emails on the top of the pile is how many modern workers 

start their days. While it’s tempting to communicate this way, something is undeniably lost.

Many global businesses have discovered that video conferencing helps foster creativity, improve 

rapport, build trust and encourage dialogue among team members. It also makes remote brainstorming 

sessions, check-ins and strategy discussions easier and more personable than they’d be over a 

conference call. Not only can a video conferencing tool contribute to a healthy corporate culture, 

but today’s tools are also more convenient and can increase the efficiency of workers who already 

have a full plate.


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