How Video Conferencing Is Changing The Face Of Higher Education

- Aug 03, 2017-


Video conferencing has done wonders for businesses across the globe, connecting geographically remote colleagues and allowing people to pool their ideas and expertise together more efficiently, resulting in quality work. However, video conferencing can benefit you before you even reach your first job.

Higher education institutions are starting to take advantage of the technology to improve their services and teaching, which means that as students you’ll see much more value in your education. How are these services being used? Read on to find out.

Distance Learning

For one reason or another, you may not be able to participate in classes in person. Illness can stop you attending college, as well as living in a remote destination or otherwise not having the access to higher education that your peers may have. Video conferencing gives these students the chance to attend and participate in classes in real time wherever they are, meaning they don’t have to miss out on their education.

Extended Office Hours For Professors

Think Computers points out that professors can make themselves available when they’re not normally on campus, through the medium of video conferencing. This means they can talk with students who may need their assistance outside office hours, or collaborate with other professors without them all needing to be in the same room.

Virtual Interviews

When applying for college places, getting to and from them for your entrance interviews can be arduous to say the least, especially if your travel includes flights and thousands of miles between you and your destination. Thankfully, video conferencing does away with all of that. You can get in touch with interviewers from the comfort of your own home, giving you more time to concentrate on getting your answers perfect. For the interviewers, conferencing means they’ll save huge amounts of time, as they’re not trying to corral all of their potential students in one place.

Easier Meetings For Group Projects

Anyone who’s ever had to do a group project knows that getting your group together to start working on it can be nigh on impossible. Everyone has different responsibilities and commitments, and getting together on campus can be a nightmare. Video conferencing does away with all of those worries, and lets you get together virtually instead. As a bonus, you can share files with each other through conferencing software, making sharing what you’ve worked on a breeze.

Collaboration with Overseas Institutions

As Summit attests to, video conferencing is taking distance learning to the next level. As well as letting distant students attend classes as seen above, it also lets classes from different states or even countries collaborate on projects and learn from each other. This creates an unique opportunity for students to connect with others that they would probably never meet otherwise.

More Creative Teaching Methods

Video conferencing allows professors to find new and exciting ways of presenting their classes. Hybrid classes are a mix of physically present students with groups of students who are attending virtually from another location, or when a class is divided between physical lectures and classes attended online. Also, it has given rise to Massive Open Online Courses, which are free university courses for anyone who wishes to learn.

Access to Guest Lecturers and Experts

Learn NC describes how video conferencing can bring the experts right into the classroom. If you’re studying a specific subject, wouldn’t it be great to talk to the best experts in your field without having to leave your campus? The technology vastly widens the range of guest speakers and experts that a class can interact with, giving students a much fuller learning experience.

Virtual Field Trips

Field trips are great, but time and money can restrict where and when you can go on them. If there’s a site that’s essential to your study, but is in a different country, it’s unlikely that your schedule will allow you to go and take everything in. In video conferencing, the concept of the ‘virtual field trip’ has really taken off. All a class has to do is to connect with an expert at the site of their choice, then taken on a guided tour while never leaving the classroom. This is a great way of seeing other sites up close and personal, while not sacrificing time or money to do so.

As you can see, video conferencing really is changing the face of higher education. It’s brought education to more people than ever before, and can connect with students with the experts in their field, wherever they may be. With many companies, such as Tenveo, now offering video conferencing services, it’ll soon be showing up at your school, if it hasn’t already. Try it out yourself and see just what it can do for you.

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