It’s Back To School Time…Even At Children’s Hospital!

- Jul 31, 2017-

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With the new school year just around the corner, it’s time for kids everywhere to get ready to go back to school — including patients at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC! Children who are hospitalized often struggle with school attendance and homework. This can cause children to fall behind academically and struggle to keep up with their peers.


Thankfully, Children’s Hospital offers the Hospital School Program. The Hospital School Program is a free, educational program offered to any current inpatient enrolled in Kindergarten through grade 12 and to inpatients involved in special education who are between the ages of 5 and 21, regardless of where his or her home school district is.


The Pittsburgh Public School District provides certified elementary and secondary education teachers to work directly with each child, creating an individualized lesson plan that meets each student’s academic and medical needs. In addition, hospital school program teachers contact the student’s home school district to provide each patient with school work from their home classes. Students may earn attendance credit from their home school district for participating in the hospital school program. This helps decrease some of the anxiety for both patients and parents, since the patients are not penalized for missing school days.


Students typically receive educational support either in the NHL Legacy Classroom or, they can’t leave their room, at their bedside. Our newly designed classroom on Floor 6 is equipped with an interactive TEVO-HD9620B, Tenveo cloud, and video conferencing, in addition to desktop computers to provide engaging lessons in an environment similar to a traditional school program setting. Students are also issued iPads to use during their stay to further educational support. All students are given access to our educational programming “cloud” so that they can participate in educational programs, games, or read during their own time.

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