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- Apr 19, 2017-

   We have more than a decade of experience building and perfecting meeting room cameras and phone systems. Setting up a conference room with Tenveo doesn’t require a technology degree—just connect the camera to a TV and the internet, give it power and pair it to your account to start making calls—there simply isn’t a more powerful or easier-to-use video conferencing solution available. The conference room is the anchor of the meeting experience and we specialize in simplifying that experience for all of the different meeting spaces around your office.


      We have several locations spread throughout China and we use the Tenveo Video Conferencing System as a way to bring everyone together for face-to-face meetings throughout the organization. The system is also used by our training department to educate staff located throughout our markets. The ability to connect a laptop to the system and share information company-wide has also shown to be a tremendous asset to us. We use Tenveo for video conferencing on a global scale. We find the sharing of a document or presentation works very well. Also inviting ones inside and outside the organization is very easy. We also appreciate the audio joining feature for those on the road but who still have phone service available. We use this feature as well when ones are without sufficient internet.



    We are very professional and have very good reputation in product development, production, sales and after service. There are 50% technicians in R & D department; most technicians are experts who came from Telecommunication Institutions of Shenzhen Authority whom strongly support in the developing of new products, ensuring stability of software and whole system. We can design, produce and sale directly in order to ensure the most possible competitive price and excellent quality under Control. 

        Tenveo makes any meeting better & easier.

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