Looking And Feeling Good: Tips For Better Video Conferencing

- Jun 22, 2017-


Before you get on your next video conference call, check out these helpful resources for improving your video chat experience.

This morning, I was part of a weekly meeting that included folks in their offices in the United States, Canada, Spain, and Germany — and I didn’t stop to think twice about the fact that four different countries were represented. Video conferencing is so much a part of our culture and day-to-day routine here at Tenveo that it feels completely natural.


Because video conferencing is integrated so seamlessly right in Tenveo, it takes just a few seconds to hop on a video call or schedule the next one.


It’s easy for anyone on the call to share what they’re working on, too, which always comes in handy. This morning, we heard that familiar phrase at least three times — “I’ll share my screen” — and immediately saw spreadsheets that we were able to study together in real time.


Whether you’re also a frequent user of Tenveo’s HD meetings feature or would like to start using it more, we’ve rounded up some of the top online resources and articles to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

 Video conferencing: Looking good


6 Ways to Look Better While Video Chatting


Can you create your own “mini studio” with office supplies you have within 20 feet of your desk right now? Yahoo! Tech says yes! They talked to YouTube makeup artist Michelle Phan for her top tips on looking better while video chatting. See the difference her tips make with illustrated dos and don’ts. It’s one thing to recommend wearing a bright solid color — and another to see the difference it can make on video chat.



Fast Company’s Webcam Glam: 3 Easy Tricks to Look Polished on Video Chats


Fast Company focuses on 3 simple changes you can make to look more polished on video chats and illustrates each one with before-and-after photos. The article also draws on the author’s experience interviewing people over video chat. Try out Tip #1 at no cost at all — or if you’re ready to make an investment, consider Tip #3.



Video Conference Lighting Tips You Can Do at Home


If you’re a photography buff, you already know about lighting and color temperatures. But have you thought about applying that knowledge to your video chats? See how different types of lighting at home will affect what shows up on the screen and remind yourself of the difference between “key light” and “fill light.” This article from education site Lynda.com includes lots of examples of the author experimenting with different types of lighting. If you’ve never thought about which direction the window in your office faces, you will now! (Hint: North is best.)


Video conferencing: Feeling good


The Introvert Entrepreneur’s Tips & Tricks for Webcam Confidence


Are you comfortable being on camera? For some people, it can actually take a bit of getting used to. Introverts in particular may want to consider going the extra mile to make sure the people they’re speaking with can see that they’re focused and engaged.


If you’re an introvert, you may tend to look away when you’re thinking. Be mindful of how it appears when you’re lost in thought in the fast pace of online video.”

However, you can also use some techniques with video conferencing that you can’t necessarily use in person.


For instance, Nancy points out that you can “stick Post-Its onto your computer monitor rather than keeping all of your talking points in your head” and shares step-by-step directions for a pre-video warmup to ensure that you’re ready to go.


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