Mobile Video Conference Deposition: How To Make It Successful

- Aug 17, 2017-


As the mobile revolution continues to have an increasing impact on society, it is also shaping group communication as well as interpersonal communication. Skype has been one of the most popular video conferencing tools to make this happen– even among deposition services.


Here are five tips on how to present an effective mobile video conference deposition for preserving a trial testimony:


1.Set up Attorney Equipment

A cost-effective mobile video conference solution is to integrate TEVO-HD9620B conference camera with Tenveo cloud for video conference equipment. The TEVO-HD9620B can be hooked up to an iPad, PC or smartphone.


2.Use Wired Connection for Witnesses

The computer for the witness needs to be hooked up to an Ethernet internet connection. Beyond that, all this computer mainly needs is a webcam, although the witness may also need to wear a headset to hear the audio clearly. As a backup in case the audio isn’t clear enough, you can set up a temporary teleconference number, but there’s a chance it won’t be necessary.

3.Run Preliminary Tests

Prior to the deposition, it’s helpful if the witness has access to the Tenveo cloud and runs tests with the deposition site to troubleshoot any technical issues.


4.Preserve the Testimony Professionally

A legal videographer should be assigned to capture the video/audio from the Tenveo device. This videographer should be experienced enough to understand it’s a quality control position and that high-quality audio and video needs to be archived professionally so that the testimony can be used for the trial.


5.Use Consecutive Interpretation

In the event that an interpreter is needed for the witness, the interpretation should be done consecutively instead of simultaneously. The consecutive method allows for a more accurate transcription. The location of the interpreter is up to the legal team. If you need a video conference camera, Tenveo is the best choice for you. We have USB 2.0, USB3.0,HDMI,HD-SDIYPBPRCVBS output, fixed focus, 3X 10X, 18X,20X, 30X optical zoom, 720P, 1080P, HD1080P SD ,HD video conference cameras and, Radius of 2-6M Full duplex echo cancelation and speakerUSB driver free, plug and play Omni-directional microphones.

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