See The Whole Room With Tenveo's 360-Degree Videoconferencing Camera

- Apr 05, 2017-

   If you've ever hosted a videoconference, you know that they can be a pain. Even after you navigate the dangerous waters of incompatible services and unreliable equipment, you often see the same Brady Bunch-style windows — usually a mix of chattering heads along with a single main feed of a crowd surrounding a conference room table.


 thinks it has a better solution with its Dx1080 videoconferencing room system. The system has simple interface powered by PC, and it supports an optional 360-degree panoramic camera that can see an entire conference room, finally giving a meeting's "primary" feed the prominence it deserves.

    Video is really ready for the consumerization of the enterprise. And the 360-degree camera is really a unique experience. It's what you would see if you were in the room.

Fixed Focus 4mm Lens USB 2.0 Interface 1080P Full HD Video Conference Camera

图片5.pngTEVO-D1080 2.1 mega effective pixel, 1/2.7″ HD color CMOS sensor1080P/30video output (1920X1080). It ensures high definition, while focusing on meeting the needs of the screen fluency.

This camera is suitable for video capture desktop level of small to medium conference rooms and the collection of personal desktop video. It can be "seamless docking, Polycom PVX_8.0, Cisco WebEx series" and other video conferencing software.

Tenveo makes any meeting better & easier.

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