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- Sep 09, 2017-

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Organizations need more efficient communications to enable greater productivity. A voice-only conference call is not the best answer. Without the use of video Kandy Business Solutions Tenveo conferencing and screen share participants are not as engaged, are more apt to multi-task, and are probably missing the point. Oversubscribed knowledge worker needs a higher level of engagement so they stay focused and get more done, in less time. They don’t want a special room or a special app with another address book and log in. They want a tool that they can start in an instant and that is a unified part of their communication solution.


Tenveo’s Smart Office Collaboration Rooms, integrated into Smart Office and Tenveo cloud, is the answer. HD video conferencing and screen share keep participants fully engaged. Anyone with a web browser can connect and participate; connect in the office or from the road. Meet with one person or use tenveo to invite dozens of participants. Choose full collaboration (video conference and screen share) or value-oriented screen share-only.  Smart Office tools enable users to collaborate, make decisions and move on to the next task.

Your Personal Smart Office Collaboration Room


Smart Office eliminates the common hassles that often afflict traditional meeting services – you don’t need to sign-up for every session and send out a different meeting address for every event. Smart Office provides each user with their own personal collaboration room that doesn’t change. If a meeting moves by 30 minutes the meeting invitation doesn’t change. It’s easy to quickly extend a meeting to additional co-workers or guests by forwarding the meeting. Either way, guests can join with just a web browser. Once connected, guests can hear and see each other, use group chat for sidebar discussions and of course, share screens/content, chat.


Your Room Your Rules


To be productive collaboration users need to stay focused and engaged. Seeing body language and non-verbal cues offer tremendous benefits over a traditional audio-only conference call. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean participants can’t get distracted. Thankfully Smart Office gives moderator’s powerful tools including:


Mute Audio - per person, all participants (with personal override) and all participants

Mute Video  -per person, all participants (with personal override) and all participants

Remove participant

Lobby function to keep participants waiting until the Moderator joins

Lock conference (to preclude new attendees)

You’ll never have to beg participants to mute themselves when the dog barks or they enter a wind tunnel from their mobile phone.


For omnidirectional microphone, I suggest TEVO-300. TEVO-300 has three alternate mics .The best radio is 4m. It is USB omnidirectional microphone. This is a conference call that can be connected to the computer for audio and video conferencing applications based on Internet technology; also can connect to wireless mobile phone and pad through the Bluetooth protocol. And the weight of this mic is only 280g, so we can achieve conference hands free calls.

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