Talking About The Camera And HD SDI Optical Cross Section Transmission Equipment Programme

- Jan 18, 2017-

Throughout the current video surveillance market, HD, network intelligence and market development can be said to be the mainstream trend. For HD-SDI monitoring devices, HD video conferencing-adjusting level needless. But when it comes to networking and remote transmission efficiency cannot but admit this is a HD-SDI problem. At present, the network to ensure smooth network transmission is the primary means for data compression. HD-SDI technology will undoubtedly be large but not compressing itself tied to transfer data. Remote monitoring and network integration also affects the HD-SDI device of low intelligence level of Ascension. In addition, the huge store of many units from the major area of deployment of such monitoring equipment, being heavy storage pressure down. So, if this continues "on trend" model of development, HD-SDI the future is difficult to succeed.

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