Tenveo Puts Video Conferencing At The Center Of The Room

- Apr 14, 2017-

    The company is rolling out an array of new telepresence devices that officials said are designed to fit how people sit and communicate when they gather together.

    That was the driving force behind the company's new Tenveo conference Centro video conferencing product, and also played a role in the thinking behind its new  smart hub for group collaboration. Both were among the products unveiled at an event in Shenzhen City Oct. 7 marking Tenveo's 15th anniversary.


     The company is hoping to drive its product portfolio into the tens of millions of conference rooms worldwide that aren't equipped with video collaboration technology.  Only about 2 to 4 percent of the 25 million to 55 million rooms have such equipment.

    One of the new products rolled out by Tenveo is , a system that puts four screens in the middle of the room, with the people in the room seated around them. Included in the all-in-one system is a 360-degree voice and video camera that automatically tracks the speaker while showing the entire meeting space on the same screen. 

Tenveo makes any meeityng better & easier.

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