Video Conference

- May 28, 2017-


   Video conferencing – the advanced way of interactive communication, which dwarfs the performance of traditional forms of communication, such as telephone calls and personal meetings!


      At times during conference calls you need to show a document, project or presentation. You can’t use your current analog phone for this.  However, with the help of video conferencing it is becoming a convenient and affordable solution.


      Modern business is not confined to one city – meetings require business trips. The inherent advantage of video conferencing is the ability, without leaving your desk, to be in several places at the same time, communicate with foreign partners, supervise work of your company branch, etc. Videoconferencing allows you to save a lot of company travel expenses, helping to unite people from different cities and countries for joint conversations.

    Conference service from Tenveo

     Video conferencing services from Tenveo, an innovative solution for today’s business needs, enables video conferencing, which can minimize the cost of IT infrastructure. Instead of building complex and expensive systems you need only to equip the users’ desktops webcam, headphones / speakers and a microphone in your work area. Now videoconferencing needs only a computer connected to the Internet. After the initial setup you can control the business and speak with employees or clients without leaving your office.


     What are the characteristics of our service?

    Adapting video –  Our system allows you to adapt the video quality to the quality of your Internet connection. Working with our service there is no limit on the speed of communication. You can even conduct a video conference via your mobile phone.


      Secure storage –  Our service allows you to record, store and play back video. Now you can save your recordings as a whole, and even documents that you exchanged in the communication process.


      Searching by video footage – We have provided the opportunity markup / tagging of audio and video materials for ease of use of stored records in the future. In addition, by searching for video footage, you always get the desired video fragment.


     Additional services – You can add additional services at any time.

     For more detailed information please call us 86-13657740706

     Who uses our service?

     People with the need to effectively communicate with their partners, customers, or employees. These are companies often dealing with different industries and business sectors.

     For marketers, this is a unique opportunity to conduct webinars, conferences, briefings, interviews and research.

     For company management – a way to organize communications between companies in order to collaborate with geographically separated teams to provide technical support to customer problems and supervise the work of remote workers.

In the area of HR management service –  video conferencing allows employer’s to provide interactive training, interviewing and testing of employees.


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