Video Conferencing

- May 24, 2017-


   Video conferencing means using computers to provide a video-link between two or more people. Instead of just talking to someone by telephone, you are able to see them as well.


    The following is needed to take part in a video conference call:

    a computer

    a web cam

    a microphone (most webcams have a microphone built-in)


    broadband Internet access

    video conferencing software

    It is possible to buy a special video conferencing machine just for this purpose.

    Advantages of video conferencing

    Meetings can take place without leaving the office.

    Travel costs and the time taken to travel can be reduced significantly.

    Meetings can be called instantly worldwide with little notice.

    Delegates can still attend meetings even if they are physically unable to.

    Disadvantages of video conferencing

    May not be as productive as a discussion around a table.

    Confidential documents may need to be viewed and signed in person.

    There will always be times when you need to be able to meet face to face.


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