Video Conferencing Camera' S Working Principle

- Mar 28, 2017-

Classification and comparison of camera

    The main working principle of the camera is Samples the points on the image in an interlaced manner at a certain resolution. When scanning to a point, through the image sensor chip at the point of the image of the gray scale into a gray-to-one correspondence with the voltage value And then the voltage value through the video signal output. Specifically, the camera continuously scans a line on the image to output a continuous voltage and video signal, the voltage signal is reflected in the ups and downs of the line image of the gray-scale changes in the situation.

Camera maintenance

    1. to avoid the camera and oil, steam, moisture, moisture and dust and other substances in contact, to avoid direct contact with water.

    2. try to avoid the camera directly to the sun, so as not to damage the camera image sensor device.

    3. do not use the stimulant cleaning agent or organic solvent wipe the camera.

    4. Do not pull and twist the cable, class camera maintenance has the following six small tips, including the computer camera and monitor the camera.

    5. Non-necessary circumstances, do not arbitrarily disassemble the camera, trying to touch its internal parts, which is easy to damage the camera, once the damage is estimated dealers will not give the warranty

    6. When storing, store the camera in a clean, dry place. Action may cause damage to the camera.

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