Video Conferencing For Distance Learning

- Apr 28, 2017-


   Streaming is a conference mode that enables the speaker to broadcast to a wide audience while he 

cannot see or hear the listeners. Other participants can see and hear only the speaker. Feedback 

is available only through the text chat. A notable latency of up to several seconds is often 

applied during the broadcast between the speaker and other participants to the conference in order 

to smooth-out the changes in the network conditions.


Equipment for Video Conferencing

Depending on the place and way of joining a conference, you will need different peripherals.

Video Conferencing in a Meeting Room or a Conference Hall

You should consider lots of details to equip a meeting room with a high-quality video conferencing. Those 

impact the expenses on video communication. The first thing you should care about is choosing the right 

sound reinforcement system. If the room is small, one or a few speakerphones will be enough (speakerphone 

is a special device with one or several embedded microphones and speakers, designed to suppress noise and 


You will need a PTZ camera that can pan, tilt and zoom. This camera can switch between speakers 

and audience in both manual and automatic modes. It is recommended to use two large LCD screens to 

display the picture from PTZ camera: one for conference participants, the other for presentations 

and other content.

There also other aspects of great significance about the room, like lighting, walls painted in 

contrasting but not bright colors, sound absorbing panels etc. As can be seen, the cost of the 

equipment for a meeting room may differ considerably depending on the video solution, peripherals 

and furnishing.


       There are lots of all-purpose video conferencing offerings that include everything you might need to hold a conference but they take up too much space. That's why for different reasons including financial considerations, an ordinary PC is used as a video conferencing endpoint, since it is as good as a specialized hardware, when the right peripherals are chosen.

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