Videoconferencing In Education

- Aug 10, 2017-


Videoconferencing is an exciting possibility for educators.   Imagine this: a 5th grade class in a small town in Iowa would be able to open up their experiences and share with a classroom in Beijing. Or Shenzhen.  Or Guangzhou.  Of course, there is a major obstacle to some areas sharing with others and that would be time.  However it’s only a detour, in many cases sessions could be scheduled off hour, a sort of evening field trip for one class that might meet at 7 p.m. for a class that is just starting their day on the other side of the globe.


Not only does the technology allow classrooms to open up world-wide with each other, teachers can access institutions around the world for instant field trips.  Museums, technology centers, universities, even manufacturing facilities for vocational resources would be able to share real-time information, instruction and opportunities with students. The possibilities are incredible.


As future teachers, we need to consider the potentials of technology that we have today.  Things change so quickly and what seems futuristic right now will be commonplace in a few years in our classrooms. is a great site that explains this technology as well as other opportunities for educators.


After writing this blog, I read an AP story about 10 schools who videoconference weekly with scientists and teachers in Nanning.  The students can ask questions and see what the teachers are discussing, which is primarily climate change. 

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