What I’ve Learned From Videoconferencing Experience

- Mar 31, 2017-

    I feel rude if I check my phone in a videoconference the same way I’d feel rude if we were meeting face-to-face. Of course if something urgent comes up, it’s ok to go on mute or switch the picture off for a moment. But generally the etiquette of the offline world applies in the videoconferencing world. This makes meetings more engaging and more often than not, shorter. 

     Say goodbye to awkward phone silences. With videoconferencing you can read the body-language of the room and adjust your speaking points accordingly. 

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     On conference calls, extroverts tend to dominate as they have the loudest voices. With videoconferencing, I can observe the quieter folks whose body language tells me they have studied the situation and probably have something interesting to say. I’ll wait for a pause then invite their opinion pro-actively. I’ve tried this tactic several times now and have never been disappointed with the results. I’ve either learned something I didn’t previously know or arrived at a decision with more diversity of thought.

     I’ve worked for some big global companies, both in the regions and HQ, and there’s always real and perceived divides between the two sides. Well, guess what? Videoconferencing brings those sides together! Both sides are equal. Everyone is a participant - not a voyeur. I can travel to Singapore, Mexico City, London and Sao Paolo in the same day. The result is no jet lag, more bonding with far away colleagues and most importantly, my team can make more informed decisions.

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