Which Equipment Components Need In Multi-person Intelligent Network Video Conferencing System

- Mar 27, 2017-

    First of all to confirm how many people in your remote conference, and how many people have to speak in the meeting. For example, if it is 10 people that can be equipped with omni-directional microphone, it is a USB plug and play audio equipment. Can support 50 square meters and 1-20 people in the conference room, comes with speakers and microphone one machine, automatic processing noise reduction and echo noise problems. 

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone With 2 Mics For Business Conference

    The next one is video conferencing system. If you need to see the details of each speaker or other details described in the function that can be multiples of optical zoom video conferencing camera, requires a very high use of high-definition interface with a collection of computer host computer or conference terminal, want Choose a more cost-effective can look at the USB interface, high-definition video conferencing camera, imaging results to meet a large part of the use of the crowd.

1080P Video Conference Camera 20X HD Zoom USB3.0&SDI Output Interface Low Price

    The last is the display device and the PC side, the display device can use LCD TV, computer screen, projection, fight screen, etc .; PC side can use the computer, all the equipment are connected to install on the computer through the conference software for remote network video conferencing , A complete set of meeting rooms to be able to solve.



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