Whitepaper: Online Meeting And Video Conferencing Tools Offer A World Of Opportunity For Sellers

- Jun 29, 2017-

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Sales professionals know that nothing is more effective than meeting in-person to explain the benefits of a product or service. But traveling to meet a prospect isn’t always an option.


Thankfully, you don’t have to hop on a plane to meet with customers face-to-face. More sellers are turning to video conferencing as a core tool for reaching potential buyers. While nothing beats an in-person session, sales teams are evolving to keep pace with competitors, respond to customers more quickly and gain better insight into prospects’ needs.


Video conferencing allows sellers to build stronger relationships, read body language and pick up on cues that they might miss over the phone. The ability to view documents, presentations and other content in real-time allows potential buyers to understand the value of what’s being sold. And the flexibility and immediacy of online meetings mean that both parties can connect in real-time, no matter where they are located.


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