Applications Within The Modern Workplace

- Apr 27, 2017-


       Video conferencing makes meetings livelier. Both internal and external meetings feel more personable and engage employees.

Training sessions:

       Training a team spread out over several locations can be a challenge over the phone. Youtube videos may be helpful, but a viewer can’t stop the instructor to ask a question. Team training via a web conference puts all the key players in the same place at the same time.

Online collaboration:

      Need a five-hour coffee-fueled brainstorm session with the entire team? Or maybe just a quick screen share with a colleague? Video conferencing is adaptable to both and everything in between.


       In our highly mobile culture, many traditional practices are fading, but most recruiters still don’t feel 100% comfortable with a candidate until they can look them in the eye. Video conferencing bridges that gap.

Always-on portals:

       Video portals allow global companies to link workers in their various offices and foster ongoing collaboration.

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Video conferencing is here to stay

It’s not complicated. We are in a rapidly growing and mobile society, but we still crave face-to

-face contact with our colleagues, coworkers and friends. Video conferencing meets that need.

Historically, buying a video conferencing setup simply wasn’t in the cards for most small 

businesses and startups. Today, revolutionary products like Tenveo are rewriting the rules for 

countless businesses across the globe because they offer the capability to engage in face-to-face 

conversation affordably and simply.

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HD Voice Provides Crystal Clear Sound Speakerphone With 360-Degree Omni-Directional Microphone Hands Free


Tenveo TEVO-300 has three alternate mics .The best radio is 4 m. It is USB omnidirectional microphone. This is a conference call that can be connected to the computer for audio and video conferencing applications based on Internet technology; also can connect to wireless mobile phone and pad through the Bluetooth protocol. And the weight of this mic is only 280g, so we can achieve conference hands free calls.

Tenveo makes any meeting better & easier.

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