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- Apr 27, 2017-

    Using video to conduct interviews enables government and business leaders to increase the pool 

of candidates outside the immediate geography, without incurring travel costs, thereby increasing 

the ability to hire the “right” candidate. Selecting the right candidate is critical to any 

organization’s success and hiring the wrong applicant is a financial burden that leads to 

turnover, more hiring, training and overall, more costs.

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    Government and Business leaders see improvements in productivity as diverse teams are able 

to work together in a more collaborative environment using integrated video/data/voice 

communications. Using the available technologies, training sessions are delivered more frequently, 

improving performance and driving increases in productivity across all departments.

    As business and government needs have become more global in nature, the requirements for 

integrated communications have increased considerably. Fortunately, the technology has advanced at 

the same rate. Government and commercial users are well on their way in migrating from Tenveo 

based solutions to IP implementations which now are far more affordable and fit their unified 

communications strategy.

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    So, the technology is available, the needs are obvious and the IT services industry is ready to 

provide the skilled labor and know-how it takes to make Unified Communications a success..

10X Optical Zoom Camera USB2.0 Plug And Play Full HD PTZ Video Conference



1/3" HD color CMOS senor,2.1 mega effective pixels,1080P/30video output (1980*1080),It ensure high definition,while focusing on meeting the needs of the screen fluency.


This camera is suitable for video capture desktop level of small to medium conference rooms and the collection of personal desktop video. It can be "seamless docking, Polycom PVX_8.0, Cisco WebEx series" and other video conferencing software.

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